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Lori Coones

Lori Coones is a registered practical nurse (RPN) at Applewood Retirement Residence in Peterborough, Ont. Being more a reserved individual, Lori says she was glad to have been involved with Team Up during the 2018 provincial election and reveals how it changed her perspective on voting.

“Canvassing showed me the value of one vote. I used to be the person who never voted because I thought one vote won’t make a difference. Now, I’ve become the person who gets others to vote.”

Getting started wasn’t easy, she admits, though canvassing nonetheless made her eager to learn others’ views:

“It took me a few doors before I got comfortable answering questions. Even if people don’t agree with me, that won’t stop me from building my confidence, because every conversation is a learning opportunity for my communication skills, leadership development, and shaping my beliefs.”

Specifically, she explains that having those conversations helped her decide what she supports politically and become a better educator of politics in her community.

Lori says she hopes to see Team Up grow in concept and membership so that more of her brothers and sisters could find the same opportunities to develop as leaders as she did. When Team Up arises again, she shares her words of encouragement to members who are apprehensive about joining:

“You just got to get out there and do it. You’ll have people to teach you and show you the way. Follow their lead, and you’ll eventually fall into place.”

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